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4 Stars for Khong River House

Photo via Thrillist

A big congrats to Khong River House for receiving a 4 star rating from The Miami Herald. Victoria Pesce Elliot says the "seriously cool" spot "with delightful atmosphere" serves up some "fabulous Thai flavors" and the "service is exemplary". What worked for her is just about everything, but some examples of the best of the best are the "luscious, slow-cooked pork shoulder", "angelic" coconut cakes, "alluring chocolate trifle" and "salads as colorful as confeti". Elliot also calls the Miami Beach hotspot "hip and trendy", noting that it isn't in the least "afflicted with attitude". The only warning she gives after claiming, "if the menu or server uses the word "spicy," they mean it", is this: "the fire-averse should proceed with care". []
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Khong river house

1661 Meridian Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 763-8147