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Sexual Assault Lawsuit at La Dorada

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According to Miami New Times, restaurant president and director of the La Dorada restaurant in Coral Gables, Domingo Gandara is facing charges for sexual harassment of one of his employees. 19-year-old Amanda Gonzalez says Gandara made inappropriate remarks, such as telling her she was "forbidden fruity" and "very sexual", as soon as she started working there. Unfortunately, the harassment didn't stop at crude comments, but turned physical when Gandara groped her breasts and licked her face. Gonzalez filed a police report two days after the claimed offense, on January 30, but Manual Vasquez, Domingo Gandara's attorney, believes this is all just a scam. When speaking with Short Order, Vasquez said he will "contest these charges very aggressively", that Gandara "is a gentleman", and that Amanda Gonzalez' allegations are "a way to make money".

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La Dorada

177 Giralda Ave, Coral Gables, FL