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A Look at Ocean Bleu Before it Officially Opens

[Photos Courtesy of Ocean Bleu]

Looking inside the soon to open Ocean Bleu, you can only see glittery mosaic walls, golden highlights, and groovy green lights, but recently released details tell us more about what's going on behind the scenes. According to Ocean Bleu's PR guys, the spot will feature "International style and seafood specialties" that will make for a "fine dining experience at affordable prices". Reasonable bills won't, however, come at the expense of poor quality cooking or ingredients.

Apparently, the chef they've appointed is Stephane Pierre who is a Belgium Certified Master Chef that has "trained in some of Europe's best Michelin-star restaurants" and who is adamant about using the freshest produce by obtaining it himself at local fish markets. Some of the highlights on the menu include black and white linguine with shrimp and stone crab, and diver scallops with ginger and carrot purée. Might not only be a good seafood spot, but an interesting one as well, since magicians, acrobats and flutists were mentioned as part of the entertainment. [EaterWire]