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The War Of The Rain Tree; King & Grove At The Versailles

1) Fort Lauderdale: The War of the Rain Tree continues. The developer promises he can move the majestic 80 year old tree safely to build three apartment buildings designed by starchitect Bjarke Ingels, but NIMBys are all like 'not over my dead body'.

2) Miami Beach: We've heard that the very cool boutique hotel chain King & Grove are taking over the art deco Versailles Hotel, but there's one problem: construction stopped months ago and the place looks very abandoned. What gives?

3) Everywhere: There have been groundbreakings galore all over Miami in the last few months, including a rental tower on the New River, an oceanfront tower by Norman Foster, and a condo tower in Brickell by Carloss Ott and the people that design Ferraris.