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The Early Word on Aventura's Ultra Swanky Alba

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Photo: The Supreme Plate

Less than one month ago kooky former Hell's Kitchen contestant Ralph Pagano opened his seaside Italian restaurant Alba, exposing the people of Aventura to more mafia references, Sofia Loren images, and (oh yeah, it's a restaurant) more pasta than anyone had thought imaginable. Early reports (which are mostly from the VIP, set menu opening night) praise the spot for it's gorgeous ocean view and classy atmosphere, but one review thinks the drinks could use some improvement. Here's the early word on Alba:

The Good News: An Urbanspoon user has a great experience: "Outstanding in every way, food, service, atmosphere. The food was unique and flavorful without being pretentious. Everyone on staff was friendly and helpful. Our prime server, Sean, was a real pro. Becky was also very helpful, and the two top guys in the place, Chef Pagano and Paul, were warm and appreciative when they heard how ecstatic we were. We are going back very soon, with a different group of culinary adventurers." [UrbanSpoon]

The Experience News: Eye of South Florida adores the space: "The atmosphere was chic, warm, and inviting and amazing food and drinks were enjoyed by all." [EoSF]

The Food News: Video blog Amplification, Inc. comments about the appearance of the dishes: "Everything looks fresh actually. Not much comes out of a can around here." [Amplification, Inc.]

The Area News: A Yelp reviewer raves about the beachfront location: "The interior design is very modern, white, with touches of East Asia. Drinks are OK, but its totally worth it for the view. The service is very friendly. [Yelp]

The Pasta News: Miami New Times can't get enough pasta: "Buccatini carbonara may be "last meal" worthy. Home made buccatini is topped with pancetta, caramelized onions, and a runny poached egg. Break yolk into steaming pasta and go to a happy place." [MNT]

The Mafia News: Thrillist recommends: "Before you do anything, you need to flip through this truly awesome album of Godfather movie photos from Ralph's personal collection. It'll just break your heart." [Thrillist]
— Ashley Mason

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17315 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160