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The Early Word on Bread + Butter in Coral Gables

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For just over a month now, gastropub Bread and Butter has been serving up Cuban fusion dishes prepared by chef and owner Albert Cabrera in Coral Gables. Early reports were skeptical of altering the Cubano classics, but over time comforting dishes like tamale with oxtail and egg and bao-bunned Cubans armed the hearts of customers. Though it's received criticisms of being too hip (for it's subway tile interior) overall locals are impressed by the tasty food. Here's the early word on Bread and Butter:

The Best News: An Urbanspoon user loves the food: "I just had lunch at the cool new place. I ate a Pan con Minuta, and it was the best I've ever had. This place has a really cool feel and friendly staff. Can't wait to try out their dinner menu." [Urbanspoon]

The Delicious News: Fat Girl Hedonist fights over the oxtail with a friend: "First up, is their Tamal En Casuela also known as Florida Corn Casserole. This bowl of heaven was pretty much spiced up grits with a delicious smoked oxtail ragu, a fried lake meadow egg and toasted garlic allover the top. My best friend and I nearly clawed each other's eyes out fighting for the last bite. "[FGH]

The Authentic News: Burger Beast praises the owner's style: "This brings me to Alberto Cabrera's Bread + Butter which just opened last week. I had a conversation with him last year at his former establishment about Cuban Culture and of course about Fritas. Make no bones about it, he is Cubanaso to the core and I mean that in a complimentary way. He embraces our heritage very well through his food. He wants the dishes to be something new yet still have their ties to the food we grew up eating. I know my late grandmother would have loved & appreciated the food at Bread + Butter." [BB]

The Dessert News: A Facebook user raves about the flan: "Some people have a beer after a long day at work...Me, I think I will have a Goat Cheese Flan. OMG, this was AMAZING! I can't wait to try some of the other items on your menu." [Facebook]

The Pricey News: On Foursquare a customer comments about the watter: "$.50 each for tap water we didn't request? That was a first for me. Having a hard time accepting that. Food was good, but not exceptional." [Foursquare]

The Décor News: Short Order describes the rustic atmosphere: "The restaurant's décor and menu screamed Cuban gastropub. Black-and-white portraits of people and scenes from Cuba a half-century ago adorned one all-black wall. There was no shortage of subway tile, reclaimed wood, or industrial metal and ducting running along the walls and ceiling. Butcher paper placemats stamped with the restaurant's logo and fresh white roses in small mason jars were interspersed along a seating counter and about a dozen tables, all of which were spoken for on a Saturday night." [Short Order/MNT]

The Experience News: A Yelper Bread & Butter, successfully un-jacked me. It's a cool place, this gastro-pub, reminds me of neighborhood bars in New York or Boston. You feel very welcome upon entering, and the staff was exceptional, I liked the vibe and the people, but still cringe at the name. I was waiting for that unhinged abuelo to come running out, partially clothed, smelling of witch hazel. Bread and Butter............Please." [Yelp]

The Misleading News: One Yelp reviewer has a few issues: "Our service was awful. I understand that new restaurants have kinks but this was more than a few kinks. We had to ask for water about three times and we had asked for bread at least five times. Your name is Bread and Butter we expected bread and butter." [Yelp]
— Ashley Mason

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Bread & Butter

2330 Salzedo St, Miami