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2.5 Stars for Casabe 305 on Coral Way

Jodi Mailander Farrell gives South Miami's Casabe 305 two and a half stars in this week's review. Though Farrell wasn't too impressed by the ambience or the staff, she did praise the dishes and the fact that the food didn't leave her "overstuffed".

"Casabe 305 Bistro chef-owner Diego Texera doesn't just want you to enjoy his food. He wants you to feel good and sleep well after you've eaten it, too. Texera, who studied and ran a center for macrobiotics in his native Venezuela, cooks healthy Latin fusion dishes that radiate spa-like simplicity."

She adds, "Casabe's plates appear sparse, in keeping with the macrobiotic mindset that discourages overeating. And it's true, you do leave feeling comfortably satiated."[]

Zachary Fagenson thinks Voodka in Fort Lauderdale is more about "style" than "substance". Though the décor is lavish and the entertainment is fun, Fagenson did not think much of the cuisine. [CPC]

THE BLOGS: The Chowfather gives PB Steak "two thumbs up" saying everything he ate was "great" and adding that "the Pubbelly team has put together all the ingredients needed to be a hit". Burger Beast tried the new chicken sandwich at the Pincho Factory and noted that it "really hit the spot". Of Casa Juanco on 8th street in South Miami, Gourmadj says, "Go" ? "the food is straight forward Spanish fare, unassuming and risk free".
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PB Steak

1787 Purdue Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139