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Inside The Flat, South of Fifth's Newest Lounge

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[Photos Courtesy of Cortney Cates]

Though last week The Flat had a soft opening with previews of several drinks and menu items, it won't be until April that the spot will be officially open with a full menu. What's to be expected at the cocktail lounge from VIP gatekeeper Cendric Adegnika is a place to drink it up into the wee hours, most days till whenever you feel like it. That means weekdays Cedric will keep the place open (from 7 p.m.) for as long as there are people to cater to; there is no definitive closing time. Friday through Sunday, though, (did you really think they had no limits?), they'll be closing at 5 a.m. Make sure to ask for a smoked salmon and caviar Bloody Mary. Salmon vodka, why not?
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The Flat

500 S Pointe Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139