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Reviews for Devon Seafood + Steak and Pizzarium

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Victoria Pesce Elliot is impressed with Devon Seafood + Steak, giving the "sexy" Kendall Restaurant three stars. She says executive chef Scott Barrow's dishes are "confident and skillful", though some of them are "obscenely rich" at times. Some of what worked for her are the "textbook perfect" crab cakes, "decadent" biscuits and "delectable carrot cake". She also praises the restaurant for its willingness to
"customize or create a dish" for those with food-allergies or even "just a hankering". []

Emily Codik visited Pizzarium in order to confirm whether Lucali did or did not serve the a better pizza, as per the suggestion of a SO reader. She notes that some pies had "clearly been sitting around for too long" by the time they were served, but that others "looked fresh" and were "delectable". Final verdict is that the two restaurants (Lucali and Pizzarium) can't really be compared, but that even though Pizzarium does not "beat Lucali", the spot serves up some "pretty good" pies. [SO]
[Photo of Devon Seafood + Steak via SO]