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Barley & Swine in Miami vs Barley Swine in Austin

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Yesterday Eater Miami got word of a new restaurant coming to town, Barley & Swine. Meanwhile it was noticed that the name of this joint was awfully similar to Barley Swine in Austin, Texas, which was bound to cause some confusion and problems eventually. Lo and Behold, Eater National reports that Barley Swine in Austin (the restaurant that has held the name since 2010) did indeed reach out to Barley & Swine a few months ago in order to try to protect the namesake , but never heard back.

Jorge Ramos, owner of Barley & Swine says they are willing to change the name to B&S "if it becomes a problem," but at this point it's too difficult and costly to change it entirely. Check out Eater National's full report including statements from both parties.
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Barley & Swine

9059 SW 73 Court, Miami, FL 33156