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Check Out Barley & Swine's Menu Before it Opens

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No word on the name dispute between upcoming Barley & Swine in South Miami and Barley Swine (Austin) as of yet, but as it stands the plan is still that if things get complicated owner Jorge Ramos is willing to change it. Meanwhile, preparations continue at the soon-to-open restaurant and they should be up and running by the end of the month.

Ramos says patrons can expect "rustic Americana/ Spanish" eats. "We're using a lot of off cuts like beef cheeks, pig ears, pork belly, etc. Cuts that are gaining in popularity but but still don't have that overwhelming price tag" he mentions, but the main concept behind the place is simple and straightforward food, with a high emphasis on a friendly and unpretentious atmosphere.

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Barley & Swine

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