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The Early Word on Brooklyn Pizza Import Lucali

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The much-buzzed about and legendary Brooklyn pizzeria Lucali has come to Miami Beach. Technically, its' not "officially" open, but the hot NY transplant has been up and running and serving customers for the last week. Naturally, Lucali, so coveted in its hometown, raises some pretty high expectations, but it seems so far that the Miami location is holding its ground. Here's the early word on Lucali:

The Good News: One Yelper says, "the ambiance was spectacular, the lighting was perfect, the music was great". Food and service wise, he says everything was "great" and that the place is "amazing". Lucali's brick oven pizza is described as "authentic" and "fresh", with the perfect combination of "cheese and sauce".

The Great News: One commenter on Chowhound's blog says Lucali's is the best pizza he's ever had in South Florida and "equal to anything I've had in NYC". He also says he "highly" recommends the calzone which was just $10 and a "phenomenal deal".

The Disappointing News: One of the yelpers was disappointed with Lucali, saying that while the toppings were fresh, it "lacked sauce and was not hot when served". In addition to that, the bill for the pizza alone, $61, was "outrageous".

The Good News: Another Yelp reviewer says the Miami Beach location "met every expectation" and that "the sauce was out of this world". He also says the ingredients were "fresh", the wine selection was "great" and that he plans to "make Lucali a ritual for sure".

The Amazing News: The Chowfather dubbs the pizza at Lucali's "amazing". He says he "knew from the first bite that this was the real deal" and that the pizza "got better with every bite".
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1930 Bay Rd, Miami Beach