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Reviews for Vivaldino, Aunt I's and More

Vivaldino (located in the Hotel St. Michel), the spot that opened just last year in Coral Gables, is awarded two stars by Jodi Mailander Farrell, who says the restaurant still struggles to bring guests in.

If you drive past and think the place appears dark and empty, you would be correct. The 28-room boutique hotel has long struggled to offer a dining option equal to its elegant location. The streak, unfortunately, remains unbroken.

Though the "mushy" risotto, the desserts, and some other dishes didn't make her list of "what worked", she did enjoy the "respectable seafood ceviche", the Lomo Saltado and the pasta. []

Zachary Fagenson says at Aunt I's in Fort Lauderdale, you can "get a taste of Jamaica without the travel". Other Jamaican joints he notes as successful in his review are Hammond's Bakery and Seminole Truck Shop. [CPC]

THE BLOGS: Fat Girl Hedonist visits Machiya in Midtown and describes their crispy pork gyoza as "the best" and "absolutely delicious". Assault & Pepper checks out Baoli and raves about their tomato carpaccio with burrata and the ("almost as good as Bourbon Steak's") truffled macaroni and cheese.
[Photo via MiamiHerald]

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