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Sneak a Peek at Restaurant Michael Schwartz

[Photos Courtesy of Cortney Cates]

Michael Schwartz' latest is almost ready for action, but before they swing open the doors to what will probably be swarms of people on April 22, get a first glimpse inside. Restaurant Michael Schwartz has been in the works for some time now. The product: a charming spot at The Raleigh that will be all about the treasured Miami chef's "simple and pure approach to food and drink". That means a menu reflective of seasonality, fresh, high-quality and local ingredients, created by the team behind Michael's Genuine Food & Drink, Schwartz, executive chef Bradley Heron and pastry chef Hedy Goldsmith. Oh, and it'll be updated daily with selections from Schwartz' "favorite farmers, ranchers and fisherman". Meanwhile, since we can't make them open any faster, here are some photos to chew on.
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Restaurant Michael Schwartz

1775 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139