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Miami's Best BBQ Burgers

Queue the burners and fist the napkins: with BBQ in the spotlight, our lips are smackin' for the latest and greatest act to steal the scene. Enter: the classic American hamburger; Add: the sticky, savory goodness of BBQ. A seeming no-brainer, these two grill mates are finally mingling and mixing in ways that require a drop cloth while eating. Here are Miami's best spots for the ultimate BBQ'ed burger and plenty more.

· Bulldog Burger – Top Chef alum Howie "Bulldog" Kleinberg departs from sister-restaurant Bulldog BBQ's North Carolina roots to serve a smorgasbord of hamburgers in this North Miami outpost, ranging from the Honky Tonk Woman, a vision of pulled pork, cheddar cheese, fried pickles, cole slaw, and their house sauce to the Hawaii Five-O, a wipe-out of crispy ham, grilled pineapple, pepperjack cheese, iceberg lettuce and special house sauce.

·B&B Burger and Beer Joint – Settled down Purdy Avenue, B&B is where your taste buds go to party, and party hard. With burger names like Sympathy for the Devil (Certified Angus Beef brand Prime, buffalo chili, sharp cheddar, pickled jalapeno, sour cream, habanero sauce) or the Thunder Road (Certified Angus Beef brand Prime, smoked Duroc pork belly bacon, American cheese, bourbon BBQ sauce), be prepared for a long night.

· Shorty's – With 50 years and 5 locations in Miami, safe to say Shorty's is the measuring stick which bar-be-que in Miami is held against. Pleasing customers platter after platter, Shorty's has kept their simple slow-smoked offerings the same since they opened. Big Shorty burgers, spare ribs, brisket and smoked chicken hit home runs time and again. And they've even bottled their special Shorty's sweet sauce for those of us who want to take Shorty home.

· BurgerFi – There's not much that can be said after a mouthful of BurgerFi's Brisket Burger for two reasons: 1) It's that good 2) You may eat it in one bite. This perfection of a patty is made with double natural 28-day dry-aged brisket, then towered with Swiss cheese, blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and BurgerFi's secret sauce.
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[Photo Courtesy of Bulldog]
— Aleksandra Marcotte

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