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Reviews for PB Steak & Mancini's Modern Italian

Photo of PB Steak via Facebook

Emily Codik calls Pubbelly "the fastest-growing restaurant empire" with PB Steak as "its most recent poster child". She says the best of all their "inventions between bread" is the steak tartare slider and lauds their "even better" French onion soup dumplings. Codik says "the pubbelly concept bespeaks buoyancy, urbanity and fun" and describes it as an "intangible energy that exudes success". Overall, with PB Steak, "the Pubbelly trio strikes again". [SO]

Over in Las Olas, Zachary Fagenson takes a trip to Mancini's Modern Italian and dines on the spot's "Italian classics" as well as some other "more creative dishes", which weren't such a "hit" with him. Though the culinary experimentations didn't seem to impress him, he did enjoy the more common items on the menu such as the mussel appetizer garnished with ingredients that "perfectly complemented each briny bite". Pizza wise, Fagenson finds the eatery lacking, but where pasta is concerned he is pleased. [CPC]


1418 20th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139 Visit Website

PB Steak

1787 Purdue Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139