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South Street Restaurant & Bar has Closed

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South Street Restaurant & Bar, the bluesy spot that took over the old Sra. Martinez space in October 2013 has, according to their Facebook page, shut down. The swanky eatery brought to life by Amir Ben-Zion of Gigi and Bardot and partner Amaris Jones, opened up less than a year ago. Their sudden closing (announced on the restaurant's Facebook as "South Street is closed ?") is as of now inexplicable, especially considering how well the celeb-spotted place seemed to be doing.

Short Order notes that this is not the first abrupt change of course for an Amir Ben-Zion restaurant and that a very similar scenario went down with Cooper Avenue, which never re-opened after unexpectedly closing back in December 2012. As the rest of their Facebook comment states, "stay tuned for what's next".
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[Photo Courtesy of Adeline Ramos]

Cooper Avenue

1661 Pennsylvania Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 455-4741

South Street Restaurant & Bar

4000 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL