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Pain & Gain's Many Miami Locales; Yves Behar Does Miami

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Miami...
PainGain-2.jpg The Bacardi Building makes an appearance in Pain & Gain [Courtesy Paramount]

1) Everywhere: Pain & Gain, director Michael Bay's movie about the dysfunctional murders of Miami's Sun Gym Gang, is set in Miami, and boy, oh boy does he show this city off.

2) Downtown: Centro, a new upscale condo tower in the pre-construction phase downtown which, shock and horror, does not come with any parking, is getting all dolled up by multifaceted mega-designer Yves Behar.

3) Virginia Key: Miami's most awe inspring ruin, the Miami Marine Stadium, hopefully won't be a ruin for too much longer anymore. If the National Trust for Historic Preservation has its way - and they're fighting hard - the architecturally thrilling stadium will be preserved and returned to its original use as an epic events venue. They had a bunch of media types over for a tour this week, and we took some great pictures. Check them out this way.

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