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The Early Word on Poseidon

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Poseidon, Miami Beach's new Greek cuisine spot, opened up less than a month ago, but they've really hit the ground running since. The two brothers who opened up the eatery, Demetrios Pyliotis and Vasilis Pyliotis, with plans to deliver modern twists on classic Greek dishes seem to be living up to their expectations. Here's what people are saying about Poseidon:

Fantastic News: One reviewer on TripAdvisor says she "absolutely loved it". The dishes she ordered, like the Calamarakia, Shrimp Saganaki and Turopita Cheese Pie, were "perfectly prepared and delicious". Overall, "a great dining experience" and price wise: "the portions are pretty big, and are a steal for the price". [TripAdvisor]

Good News: Also on TripAdvisor, a visitor says he was hesitant about going at first, but came to learn that Poseidon served "excellent well prepared Greek food". As far as service goes, "the waiter was very professional friendly and knowledgeable". All in all he enjoyed the dishes, thought the space was roomy and "relaxing" and "definitely" recommends it. [TripAdvisor]

Poor News: Over on TripAdvisor, one person (who is in the minority) says the spot is "just another Washington Ave dump". The "blaring non Greek music" bothered him as did the "cheap plastic tables" and the fact that the servers seemed to pay more attention to "a table of eight nasty biker types". [TripAdvisor]

Good News: One Yelper says "the service was really great" and the dishes are tasty and a combination of "traditional Greek foods" with "many dishes that have a modern twist". She thought the spot was "unique" and was pleased with the friendly chef, who really listened to what she had to say about the food and made her feel "appreciated". [Yelp]

Great News: Back over on TripAdvisor, a commenter describes the spot as "a wonderful taste of Greece". She says, "the vibe was very welcoming, the atmosphere gave us a feel of summer in Greece". And of the food, one word: "delicious". [TripAdvisor]
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1131 Washington Ave., Miami Beach

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