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Line Cook at Michael's Genuine Rolls Out The Food Bike

Meals on wheels are no longer exclusive to big, bulky trucks; meet meals on wheels 2.0, boasting smaller, thinner wheels. Welcome, the food bike. Short Order reports that Michael Genuine's Food and Drink's line cook, "AJ" (Aleric Constantin) has introduced Miami to its first food bicycle, an ice-cream one at that. And don't think 'regular old ice-cream' either; the eco-friendly AJ and his food bike creation will deliver the healthy kind, made with locally sourced and fresh ingredients.

AJ tried out his contraption during last Friday's Critical Mass and it was met with enough success that he's decided to really get the show on the road. Starting next week, AJ will put the peddle to the metal all around town during weekends, his time off from Michael's Genuine.
· Sear'N Gears: Miami's First Ice-Cream Bicycle Sears Through Critical Mass [SO]
[Photo via Short Order]

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