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Yardbird's Making a Burger & They Want Your Help

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In anticipation of Burger Week (next week!), we're asking some restaurants that don't typically serve burgers to create one just for us. Yardbird Southern Table & Bar jumped on board and agreed to feature a burger on their lunch menu from April 15-19. Not only this, but the good folks over at the scrumptious eatery are giving you the chance to decide what goes in this burger. Sure, it's a little intimidating to advise a restaurant like Yardbird on how to make a dish, but don't be shy.

Go ahead and send over your own oddball recipes and curious burger hankerings, they might just end up being the talk of the town. One rule and one rule only: Keep it Southern. Drop some ideas in the comments or email us and get ready for some Burger-fied madness.
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