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The Gable's Newbie, Love Is Blind Food & Wine

The owners of Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita have just opened up their latest restaurant, Love Is Blind Food & Wine. Located in Coral Gables, the "affordable" fine-dining spot serves items like Serrano ham croquettes, braised steak brasatto, and strawberry risotto, plus offers an extensive wine list including cheap house wine ($4 a glass, $14 a bottle). Also, purchasing an entrée, which costs $17.99, $20.99 or $24.99, buys you an appetizer.

Carlos Galan and JC Chamizo, team behind Coral Gable's latest eatery, have designed their new place to be all about food, wine and love (the former indicates why there are "love quotes all around" the restaurant). Stop by daily for lunch or dinner and check out their full hours of operation and menu here.
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Love Is Blind Food & Wine

225 Altara Ave., Coral Gables