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The Mystery of Buns & Buns Unfolds

Photo Courtesy of Buns & Buns

Turns out that although the mysterious Buns & Buns is still under construction, they are just a few months away from opening. Eater got the scoop on what's going on with them (including the fact that they'll be opening sometime in August), but they are keeping mostly everything on the down low. For now they are traveling, which is how they go about picking out recipes for their breads.

One of the owners, who for now prefers to remain unnamed, says they don't want to be "limited by geographical bounds, we wanted to bring the best from all over the world". Though, they didn't want to give us too many details, they did note that (as we saw in their video), they'll also be offering things other than bread, "we don't want to dilute the value of what goes into this bread, but do want people to enjoy that bread with grill, wine and beer". Stay tuned for more details and official opening dates.
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Buns & Buns

5748 Sunset Drive, Miami, Florida 33143