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Fiorito Gets a Review from Short Order

Emily Codik dubs Fiorito's Argentine grub, "stunning". Located on NE 2nd Ave. in Little Haiti, the eatery is owned by two Argentinian brothers named Maximiliano and Cristian Alvarez, who are not only the owners, but also the cooks and servers.

Codik praises their pumpkin soup, the seafood offerings and their pulled beef empanadas. However, Codik says that although "Tourists trek to Argentina's capital for steak", the Churrasco at Fiorito "isn't worth the trip". She quickly notes that diners should not "dwell on this imperfection", since the restaurant is literally run by only two guys. Codik also raves about the spot's pork confit and their $5 dulce de leche flan, which is "enough to fog the glasses of sweets lovers and cheapskates alike".
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5555 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL