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Scenes from Knob Creek's Big Flavor Dinner Series

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The deep flavors of the dinner were a natural partner with the big, bold flavors of the three Knob Creek varieties served — the oakiness of Knob Creek Straight Bourbon paired seamlessly with lard poached prawns and pig trotters while the bold spiciness of Knob Creek Rye Whiskey stood up to the earthy ham hock cannelloni flecked with black truffles. The robust vanilla and caramel notes of Knob Creek Single Barrel brought out the subtle richness of the Braised Huckleberry Pork Cheek. Throughout the evening, Theo Rutherford, Knob Creek's Distillery Expert, led guests through the rich history of how Knob Creek Bourbon has rightly come to be known as the standard bearer of this most American of spirits.

were the perfect match for the full flavor of Knob Creek Bourbon. During cocktail hour, bourbon lovers were treated to an inside look at whole animal eating, from prep to plate, with the chefs butchering whole hogs, showing guests exactly where each course of their dinner was coming from that night.Datz and Sidebern'sBig Flavor came to Tampa last week when Knob Creek rolled into town and showed bourbon lovers how robust nose-to-tail feasts at

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