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The Early Word on Tongue & Cheek

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A little less than a month ago, Tongue & Cheek started serving up the good stuff. There was much anticipation for Jamie DeRosa, who was previously the executive chef at Tudor House, to open up his very first restaurant in partnership with Michael Reginbogin. About three weeks into the game, it seems that the excitement was met head on and with success. Check out what people have to say about Tongue & Cheek so far:

Amazing news: One Yelper exclaims, "best meal of my life, period". He says DeRosa's created a "dining experience to be reckoned with" and raves about menu items like the pan con tomate, fried clams, brussels and "amazing" pudding pop. Service wise, he notes that the "service is great" and everyone is "nice and attentive". [Yelp]

Great news: Also over on Yelp, one girl says the chicken dumpling soup is "the best soup ever". She says the menu is "interesting and unique" and praises their rib eye and camembert cheese cake. Final statements: "the cocktails, the music and the eclectic menu will have you coming back for like ever". [Yelp]

Awesome news: Another Yelp commenter says the "sophisticated, but not snooty" South Beach spot is "a welcomed sight". He really enjoys the cocktails, especially the T&C Classic Whiskey Sour, which is "superbly drinkable" as well as all of the dishes he's tried out. "It's hardly been open two weeks, and it's already a new favorite of mine". [Yelp]

Debbie downer news: Another reviewer says in regards to the food, "the presentation could be better", but he calls the menu creative. He also claims that the "bar looks bare and uninviting" and that the "white background tile reminds of hospital". [Yelp]

Absolutely amazing news: One Yelp commenter calls Tongue & Cheek, "absolutely amazing". He also says the cocktail menu is "out of this world and strong", the "food is creative and tastes amazing" and the atmosphere and location are "great". "Overall a South Beach gem in my book". [Yelp]

Fantastic news: Another woman on Yelp says the spot is "fantastic". She and her husband were "very pleased with the warm welcome, the attentive service" and the "helpful recommendations" from their server. In addition to this, she was "smitten with the décor" and she "loved the food". [Yelp]

Tongue & Cheek

431 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach