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Reviews for George's Kitchen and Salt Life Food Shack

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Emily Codik is at it again, this time around reviewing George's Kitchen in Midtown. Of the spot's open kitchen (a "cooking-as-theater" concept), she says, "it wasn't" a "brilliant idea". In fact, she claims, "the kitchen format at George's Kitchen amplifies the pettiest of its flaws". However, she goes on to say that what the spot lacks in "format and finesse" it "almost makes up for with its classic fare". She praises the "smoked and roasted duck breast", the "raspberry macaroon", the tuna and the overall "prized work of a reputable chef". [SO]

Zachary Fagenson says that the 180-seat Salt Life Food Shack in Coral Springs delivers "everything you might expect to find in a beachside shack, and then some". He also says, "the food is fair-priced and flavorful" and that the spot specifically aims to (according to one of the guys behind the eatery, Greg Saig) "create a little something for everyone". [CPC]

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