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Gold and Pepper is Now Open in South Beach

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Gold and Pepper, a different-than-usual addition to Miami's culinary scene, quietly opened up on South Beach last week. Turns out SoBe's eating destinations can in fact get ritzier by sprinkling their golden touch on their dishes, literally, the way Gold and Pepper does. The newest restaurant, whose kitchen is governed by chef Andrea Chiriatti, offers Italian dishes with a shiny twist such as 23 karat gold ravioli or tuna fillet with steamed asparagus and gold dust. According to the new restaurant, cooking with gold is not just for the glam factor; their website has a whole section dedicated to explaining the health benefits of gold. However, should you prefer your meals sans the periodic table's Au, they do also have classic Italian dishes too, such as risotto and potato gnocchi with snapper bisque.
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Gold and Pepper

101 Washington Ave Miami Beach, FL