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Reviews for Panther Coffee and Green Bar & Kitchen

Emily Codik visits Panther Coffee saying that over time, the specialty coffee concept has "earned mad street cred". She talks about the history of the spot and how owners Joel and Leticia Pollock chose Miami as the locale of their shop because "the city was devoid of even one coffee roaster". At Panther Coffee, Joel tells Codik there is no competition between Cuban coffee places and his; saying, "we're on different sides of the coin? we are all coffee people. We just know where our coffee comes from". What makes Panther Coffee differ though?

sourcing is what takes Panther to an elite level. The Pollocks often visit their producers, such as Grupo las Cuchillas in Nicaragua. The coffee shop showcases information sheets about growers. Panther wants the journey from farm to cup to be entirely transparent. [SO]

On the other side of town, Zachary Fagenson says the "All-vegan Green Bar & Kitchen can even convert carnivores" and dubs their Buffalo Tempeh Sandwich, "a secret weapon" that reels in the most skeptical of meat-eaters. Owner Charles Grippo tells him he tries "to steer the menu toward a guy's perspective" and adds, "we get these huge guys coming in with little yoga chicks". Elena Pezzo, Green Bar's co-owner, says, "we're all natural, all plant-based and we make almost everything here". The restaurant also sells "goods like kale chips, superfood cookbooks" and "various superfoods – natural supplements said to have powerful health-benefits". Final words:

Pezzo and Grippo are definitely on to something. They just hide it beneath great flavors and hulking sandwiches. And if you're wondering whether a place like this can stay in business, on two visits, the place was slammed with fit, beautiful people -- who all had perfect skin. [SO]

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Panther Coffee

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