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The Early Word on Stanzione 87

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About a month ago, the 23-year old former New York resident Franco Stanzione opened up his first pizzeria in Brickell, a Neapolitan-style spot that promises to make your pie in under a minute. Though Stanzione 87 is still picking up speed, the early word is pretty positive. Here's what the folks who have discovered it are saying:

Good News: One Yelper says, "Stanzione 87 has fantastic [Neapolitan] style pizza ,simply the best in Miami." He also praises their salads, calling them "fresh and imaginative", their paninis, the "fast and friendly" service and "very" reasonably priced wine selection. [Yelp]

Great News: One guy on Yelp says this is the best pizza he's ever had. He and his group "stopped by on the second night and were blown away". He also notes that owner Franco Stanzione and "his girlfriend, Ashley, couldn't be more friendly". He tried the "amazing" Pizza Neapolitan and "a few glasses of a stunning Super Tuscan". Final verdict: "A great addition to the neighborhood, if you try it once, you'll be a regular". [Yelp]

Disappointing News: A commenter on Yelp claims that "the only thing Napoletano about this place is the oven". He goes on to say, "there are no genuine Italian products used" and he "couldn't eat more than one piece of doughy crust that had no more flavor than a pizza box". [Yelp]

Fantastic News: Another Yelper says, "today my wife and I had the best pizza in our lives"; he found it to be "fantastic, "delicious" and reminiscent of "having pizza" in Italy. He also boldly adds, "his was better than any pizza I had when growing up in Brooklyn and in the Bronx". As far as dessert goes, he tried the "Nutella pizza", "which was absolutely scrumptious". [Yelp]

Poor News: One man on Yelp wishes he couldn't have reviewed Stanzione differently, but says, "their service is the worst thing I have ever experienced" He adds that the server came back to their table several times, having forgotten their order, and that they had to wait "30 minutes waiting for 2 of their so advertised 50 second pizza". [Yelp]

Good News: One reviewer writes, "Please just go!" She says after reading the bad review that you have to try it for yourself; "while I understand there may be random less-than-great experiences in many great spots, this place deserves a visit from anybody who enjoys a deliciously prepared pizza Napoli style". Finally adding that the "Funghi pie was really tasty and well balanced!" [Yelp]
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Stanzione 87

87 SW 8th St. Miami FL