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The Early Word on Umami Burger

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The Adam Fleischman owned burger joint named after the fifth taste (after sweet, sour, bitter and salty), serves up a variety of the glorious beef-between-two-patties inventions including a Miami specific one called the Cubano Burger. The spot's a big hit in California, but it seems to be getting pretty mixed reviews for its new South Beach locale. Check out what people are saying about Umami so far.

The Fantastic News: One Yelper says, "this place is absolutely fantastic". He says the service was "great", even though "the food took a little longer than expected" and the "food was phenomenal". [Yelp]

The Awesome News: Another Yelper describes his first bite of his Truffle burger at Umami: "Speechless, stunned really, is my gut reaction as I thoroughly and utterly savor every morsel". He then goes on to say, "Warning, you must be seated while experiencing this, otherwise you might just crumple to the ground, as your knees buckle in orgasmic delight, unable to say "help!" as gravity pulls you down." [Yelp]

The Poor News: Still on Yelp, one man is very disappointed with the "awful" service saying that he and his group waited "an hour before even getting a drink". Apparently, several ordered burgers never arrived, the staff was inattentive and he left feeling "disrespected". [Yelp]

The Good News: Blogger Burger Beast seemed to have really enjoyed his visit to Umami. He writes that his reaction to each of the four burgers he tried there was, "thank you sir may I have another!". Final thoughts: "after 2 long years Umami Burger is finally in Miami. Was it worth it? Well, whoever said "the best things in life are worth waiting for" must have been talking about Umami Burger".[BurgerBeast]

The Bad News: Another commenter on Yelp, renames the spot, "Nomami Burger". She describes her Umami burger as "a soggy bun with crumbling meat". She wasn't pleased with her fried pickle appetizer either, describing it as "spears of pickles with a nondescript breading that fell off the pickle because it was hot, greasy and slippery". [Yelp]

The Good News: A review on Yelp says that the burger he tried, the "Manly Burger", was "great", "juicy" and "delicious". He also says the way they season their burgers makes them "taste richer" and that even though his burger was on the greasy side, he "highly" recommends it. [Yelp]
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Umami Burger

1080 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139 305-672-4334

Umami Burger

1080 Alton Road, Miami Beach

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