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New Restaurant to Open in Former Cooper Avenue Spot

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According to Short Order, Cooper Avenue is officially done with and the space will re-open under a different owner as a restaurant and brewery. Way back in December 2012, Amir Ben-Zion's Cooper Avenue shuttered, stating they would repair their AC issues and be back in business shortly, but clearly there were bigger problems.

Now, "Ben-Zion's former partner Roman Cherstvov" and "a group of investors called OBK Project LLC" will "relocate the troubled A/C system to the roof, pay a construction deposit, and pay several month's back rent owed to the city by Penn 17 LLC (Cooper Avenue's ownership company) in exchange for the property". No word yet on the name of this new spot, but it might be open "as early as fall 2013". Stay tuned.
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Cooper Avenue

1661 Pennsylvania Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 (305) 455-4741