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Drogerie Opens on Miami Beach

Back in November 2012, we reported that Apotheke, mixologist Albert Trummer's famed New York bar, would be opening in Wynwood sometime in January. Well, it's long past January and this outpost is actually called Drogerie and resides in Miami Beach's Albion Hotel, but it is as of yesterday officially open. says that "everything goes back to the European apothecary days at Dragorie" and that all ingredients are used according to how they will affect the body, with careful attention to their "scientific approach to macerations (infusions)". There are cocktails on the menu (dubbed the Prescription List) such as the Strawberry Fennel, which is meant to have regenerating and rejuvenation qualities and is listed in the "Health and Beauty" section. Other categories include "Aphrodisiacs", "Stimulants" and "Stress Relievers".
They might be able "to cure what ails you", but, if not, then certainly some interesting drinks.
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1650 James Ave., Miami Beach