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Koolhaas Gets Convention Center; Versace Mansion Auction

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed Miami...

1) South Beach: After the Great Miami Beach Convention Center War of 2013, we have a victor, and he's starchitect Rem Koolhaas. Rem is part of a team that will be redeveloping the massive Miami Beach Convention Center, along with developers Dan Tishman and Robert Wennett, and landscape architects Raymond Jungles and MVVA.

2) South Beach: The legendary/notorious Versace Mansion, after being entangled in a big legal brouhaha and failing to sell at $125 million, $100 million, or $75 million, will now be sold in a foreclosure auction, possibly for a pittance compared to the grand sums it was asking.

3) Edgewater: Developers have proposed a condo near Downtown Miami with a beach on Biscayne Bay, a rather novel amenity. Hey, we swim in the middle of the bay all the time, so why bother with a boat when you can jump off a seawall?
· Curbed Miami [miami.curbed]