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Lucali and Wild Sea Oyster; Pricey but Worth It

Photo via Thrillist

Emily Codik of Short Order reviews Lucali and their "pricey, classy pizza". Codik writes, " at first sight, Lucali looks like a regular pizza joint", but pies, their prices and the prices of their toppings point "to the restaurant's higher status". Though much of her review talks about just how expensive Lucali really is, her final verdict is crystal clear: it's worth it. In fact, she ranks it numero uno: "Lucali in Sunset Harbour bakes an utterly flawless pie. And that's what makes it the best pizza in town". What makes it so good? According to Codik, Lucali's "success lies in its paper-thin crust", simplicity, and "forgoing frills". [SO]

According to Zachary Fagenson of Clean Plate Charlie, "Wild Sea Oyster Bar & Grille sets a new seafood standard for Las Olas". Other than the fresh fish, Fagenson says "the highlight is the tantalizing list (available everyday) of eight oysters (four West Coast and four East)". Of the entire raw bar he says, it "feels like a secret hideaway for those in the know". Though he warns the price tag might come as a "shock", he follows by adding, "the pricey jewels at Wild Sea are worth every penny". [CPC]