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The Early Word on Perfecto

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Just two months after Tikl Raw Bar closed, the spot reopened as Perfecto, a Spanish gastropub with a concept focusing on small plate, tapas-style dishes. So far, the newish Brickell eatery has been getting pretty mixed reviews. Here's what people are saying:

Great News: writes, "I found myself saying 'Perfecto' several times during my meal". On the topic of tapas: "highly creative in the Catalan tradition, absolutely delicious and artistically presented". They also rave about the tuna tartare and the desserts adding, "The crowning glory was an eye and mouth popping dessert, strawberry ice cream 196 nitro, which came to the table smoking". Final verdict: "Brickell Avenue really needed a restaurant like this". [MiamiCurated]

Poor News: Over on Yelp, one reviewer says, "I've been to many tapas restaurants and this is not worth the visit". He mentions that the "service was horrible" and that "the tapas were not of high quality and the prices were very expensive". [Yelp]

Good News: Another Yelper says Perfecto is a "great Spanish restaurant" that "feels like you are sitting in Barcelona". She adds, "beautiful set up and lovely ambience". Her "favorite part of the meal" were rotisserie chicken-filled croquettas " that were to die for". [Yelp]

Poor News: One Yelper is disappointed with several aspects of the restaurant. She wasn't happy about the long wait or not being able to get the waitress' attention, she thought the food was overpriced and said "the restaurant suffers from an identity crisis" and that she "can't name a thing that did it" for her. [Yelp]

Great News: One commenter on Yelp says she was "thoroughly pleased with all the flavors in each dish" she tried, listing her thoughts on each one: "Nice, oh that's good, gees those prawns are huge, omg that chocolate... get some salt and oil in there... that's delish". She notes at the end that she didn't want to leave when it was time to and that she will "certainly" be back. [Yelp]
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1450 Brickell Ave Miami, FL