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The Early Word on Sumi Yakitori

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Sumi Yakitori, opened up right next door to its older sibling Momi just about three weeks ago. The late-night spot from Jeffery Chan of Momi Ramen dishes out authentic Japanese barbecue and small plates consisting of skewered meats. So far, the spot's only gotten a few reviews and those are pretty mixed. Here's what people are saying:

Good News: Over on Yelp, one commenter says the food and décor were "great", "the staff was friendly", and that in general she "was happy with everything". She also notes that they had run out of "most of the grilled fish items", but sees this as a good thing since she would rather "they sell out of fresh fish than try to serve you fish that isn't fresh". [Yelp]

Ambiguous News: One Yelper deems the spot five-star worthy for single "single, hipster Miami people", saying its "aesthetically a knockout" and "interesting" and two-star worthy for "real" people who know "yakitori and izakaya-style food well". He says the prices are "expensive (for portion size)" and the atmosphere was "unwelcoming", but that the food was "outstanding". However, he goes on to say, "I were the boss of a yakitori place, I'd be disappointed if my best food ratings were for things other than the yakitori". [Yelp]

Poor News: Another Yelper says of Sumi, "the ultimate taste was being ripped off" and that "the ratio of quality (quantity)/price is absolutely unacceptable". Though he says that the "quality" of the food items was "great" and that "the service is attentive", he finds the portion sizes to be "downright offensive". Overall: "Way too expensive". [Yelp]

Okay News: A reviewer on Yelp says that "overall, the food is ok", but that "everything could use a little more seasoning. She calls her first dish, the duck wings, "delicious" and says that "the wild mushroom saute was probably the best thing we ate". However, she thinks they could work on some things (like larger sharing plates, "appropriately sized napkins" and making forks available). [Yelp]
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Sumi Yakitori

21 SW 11th St Miami, FL 33130

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