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Reviews for Swine Southern Table & Bar and S3

Photo Courtesy of Cortney Cates

Emily Codik visits Swine Southern Table & Bar and raves about everything but the "large" kale leaves. Codik says, "The rest is flawless". Of the ambience, she notes "Swine's setting is leisurely and cavernous", a two-floor laid-back space. Food wise, she boasts that executive chef Phil Bryant's "large plates" are a "glutton's dream". Final verdict: "Swine Southern Table & Wine knows exactly what you want. Not chicharrones or whole hogs roasted underground, but bacon in your dessert and pork in your drink".[SO]

S3 in Fort Lauderdale gets a visit from Zachary Fagenson who calls The Restaurant People (group behind S3) and real estate developer Alan Hooper "the reigning titans of Fort Lauderdale's dining scene". Fagenson praises dishes like the grilled romaine salad calling it "a delight for the salad-weary", the grilled octopus, and the pork loin. However, he says "oddly, it's the seafood dishes that are underwhelming". [CPC]

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