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Beehive Juice Bar and 1909 Cafe to Relocate (Hopefully)

CVS has recently bought the space containing two totally under-the-radar gems, "arguably Miami's best, most underrated lunch spots", Beehive Juice Bar (a teeny vegetarian/vegan "11-stool lunch counter hidden in the back of a health food store) and 1909 Café (primarily a sandwich shop).

This means these two eateries will have to move or bid an unfortunate adieu. Short Order writes that "relocation is always a risk, and finding the right real estate ain't easy", but both are "actively looking". Beehive is considering "expanding into a full restaurant if the right investor comes along" and 1909 cafe wants to stay in the area, however neither have had any luck yet. Stay tuned.
· Strip Mall Containing Beehive Juice Bar, Cafe 1909 Bought by CVS [SO]
[Photo of 1909 Cafe via Facebook]