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Here Comes Batch Gastropub

[All Photos Courtesy of Angelica Galan]

Take a look inside Batch Gastropub, Brickell's latest bar and restaurant, which is slowly but surely coming to life. Owner Kevin Danilo decided to split the space into indoor/outdoor seating, with a glass partition dividing the two so guests can move easily from one spot to the other. The space is further split into bar and restaurant, one half (the front) primarily intended for the likes of an "English gastropub", the other (back) for "global", "chef-driven cuisine".

Think high-tops in the bar, low-tops in the resto and a private dining area for when you want some alone time; a hang out spot good for a date and watching a game. As far as the food is concerned, Danilo is super excited about the chef he's recruited, but can't disclose the details. What we do know so far is that he's going for an "approachable menu" that's both casual and high end, overall propelled by "quality and passion". "We want to make sure that when someone leaves, they want to come back", he says enthusiastically, adding that he's been "planning on this for 15 years". In the libation department, they've got an "intricate cocktail program" brewing, to be served in an area modeled after the "pre-prohibition industrial Manhattan bars". There'll be copper ducts, brick walls, Edison lights and a little "new age flare".

All of this is coming to life in a rather interesting way, too. Besides being the vision of Danilo and partner Jerry Flynn, a lot of what's going into this place is literally a response to what the neighborhood's asking for. Danilo says, "we wanted to figure out what can make us stand out in Brickell so we went out and asked what people want". They're also asking for suggestions via Facebook and so far they've been listening. "We're changing the build as we go", says Danilo, "our architects and contractors hate us". Where opening dates are concerned, they're not quite sure, but they hope for a late October/early November take-off.
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Batch Gastropub

30 SW 12th St, Miami, FL 33130 305-808-5555