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Next Kitchen Collab Dinners; Huahua's Special Taco

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MIAMI BEACH – In honor of National Taco Day, chef Todd Erickson at Huahua's Taqueria has created a special apple pie taco ("a hard shell taco coated with cinnamon sugar, filled with flan custard, apple pie filling and topped off with whipped cream"). It's $3.49 and its only available October 4. [EaterWire]

MIAMI BEACH – If you missed Jamie DeRosa's Kitchen Collab dinner with chef Lindsay Autry, worry not. Some of the dishes they created for the event will (starting today) be available on Tongue & Cheek's Miami Spice menu until September 30. The next Kitchen Collab in DeRosa's series of three will take place on October 17 with chef Clay Conley of Buccan (Palm Beach). Following up will be a dinner with former 1500 degree and current 3030 Ocean chef Paula DaSilva on November 20. [EaterWire]
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