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John Kunkel Files Lawsuit Against Chef Bee

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It looks like chef Bee's departure from Khong wasn't as clean-cut as it seemed. Short Order reports that 50 Eggs' CEO John Kunkel has filed a lawsuit against Bee, part of which states the following:
50 Eggs believed Chef Bee's promise that he would protect 50 Eggs's confidential and proprietary information, would not solicit employees, and would not engage in a competing business. What Chef Bee said and promised were untrue. He manipulated a friendship to betray a trust so that he, Oishi Thai, and his investors would see personal gain.The lawsuit also claims that Bee "broke out in hives if he had to cook" and that "he did not know how to run a professional kitchen". As for Bee's side of the story, he tells SO that he "cooked for 14 hours a day" and states: "The reason why I joined [John Kunkel], was that he promised me that it was going to benefit both of us. I'd cook for him [at Khong] and my restaurant, Oishi Thai, would profit from that, as well." More details this way.
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