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The Early Word on Mina's Mediterraneo

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Mina's Mediterraneo opened up just a few weeks ago. The new Upper Eastside spot is all about Mediterranean dishes, mom's recipes (literally) and staying traditional. Here's what people have to say so far:

The Top Notch News: One Yelper gushes over just about everything from the "beautiful, spacious and light-filled" building the restaurant is in, "everything" he ate. He notes that "every staff person passed by to say hello, talk about the menu, the neighborhood and the history of the building", adding that the "service was always great" and that "everything on the menu is excellent". [Yelp]

The Juicy News: Another reviewer on Yelp calls Mina's "an awesome new find". She tried the gyro sampler, which she found to be "delicious and juicy, just the right amount of food". The Nutella pizza "was absolutely worth the [15 minute] wait", she says, "this will become a new favorite haunt for us". [Yelp]

The Debbie Downer News: One guy on Yelp says Mina's food was "crappy". He talks about "bad service", "bitter" spicy feta, "dry and bland" pita bread, and a kofka kebab he calls "a joke". The "too loud top 40 crap music" didn't impress him either. [Yelp]

The Cool, Hip and Unpretentious News: Also on Yelp, a commenter says "If you ever dreamed of being adopted by an Egyptian mother who will make homemade Spanskopita and Falafel, then you must try Mina's". She adds that once you "try the Besara, you'll never eat hummus again". Décor wise, she says it is "just as inviting as the staff" and adds that the owner "invested a lot of "love" into Mina's and it is a cool, hip, and unpretentious restaurant", that is also " a great date spot". [Yelp]

The 5/5 News: One man over on Yelp who read about Mina's on Eater, gives the restaurant "5/5 on value", "5/5 on food" and "4/5 on service". He says "the food was all good" and the portions were "nice", "not huge, but sizeable". Though he's not "a huge fan normally" of stuffed cabbage, he says "this stuff was amazing". He also says, "the falafel sliders were just right" finishing by adding that it's "really nice to see a family place". [Yelp]