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Miami Bloggers Reflect on The Best Meals of 2013

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As the last year came to an end and the first day of the new year rolled around, a few Miami food bloggers wrapped things up with the naming of 2013's finest and most memorable dishes. Included are not only the creations of buzzy restaurants like Blue Collar, the now-closed BoxPark, Eating House, and PB Steak, but various plates at lesser frequented spots like Las Tapas de Rosa and Viva Mexico. Below, a full round-up of 2013's best dishes & meals, according to the blogs.

Miami Restaurant Power Rankings "Dish of the Year":
Las Tapas de Rosa's Revuelto de la Casa (with Viva Mexico's Taco Surtida and Blue Collar's Shrimp & Grits as runner-up and honorable mention respectively)

The Chowfather "The Best Meals of 2013":
Cobaya Compton at Scarpetta
CobayaBelly at PB Steak
CobayaPirolo at Macchialina
Publican Quality Meats Pizzeria at Harry's Pizzeria
SPQR Pizzeria at Harry's Pizzeria
Spring Equinox Dinner at The Dutch
Trufflepalooza at The Dutch
Cobaya Makoto
Brad Kilgore Tasting
Jeremiah Bullfrog dinner at The Wolfsonian
Chef Dale Talde Upstairs at Khong River House
neMesis Urban Bistro
Danny Serfer and Brad Kilgore Dinner

Food For Thought "Best Dishes of 2013 Part 1 & 2":
Vegetarian Ramen at Momi Ramen
Foie Gras at Eating House
Fava Bean Salad at Oak Tavern
Pan con Lechon at Bread and Butter
Charcuterie Platter at db Bistro Moderne
Steak Tartare Slider at PB Steak
Spring Chicken at The Dutch
Baked Alaska at Michy's
Agnolotti dal Plin at Macchialina
Techili to Iseebi to Kimosoe at Makoto
Polenta with Sausage Ragu at Macchialina
Fresh Cheese, Rhubarb, Cucumber Juice at Tongue & Cheek
Ribeye, Tripe at Tongue & Cheek
Swine Burger at Swine Southern Table & Bar
Foie Gras Parfait at The Dutch
Everglades Gumbo at Boxpark
Charcuterie at Boxpark
Antonio Bachour's Desserts at the St. Regis
Glazed Carrots at Josh's Deli
Rotisserie Guinea Hen at The Cypress Room
Risotto with Alba White Truffles at Blue Collar
Veal Brains Meuniere at PB Steak
Beef Wellington at The Dutch
Pork Raviolo with Lardo and Matsutake Broth at P.I.G. #4
Gemelli with Key West Pink Shrimp and Sea Urchin at Scarpetta
Gong Bao Rabbit at BlackBrick

Click over to the blogs for short blurbs on each of the meals, exact rankings and more.
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