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Grab Your Parkas, Minus5 Ice Bar is Coming to Miami

Rendering Courtesy of Minus5

Minus5 Ice Bar is coming to Miami. Yes, the bar made entirely out of ice, with locations in Las Vegas and New York, has set sights on the none other than the year-round summery Miami, yours truly, for its next debut. Conceived in New Zealand (New Zealanders are cool) by a man named Craig Ling in 2001, Minus5 is a concept kept at, um, -5 degrees Celsius, aka 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Absolutely everything including walls, sculptures, chairs, tables and the glasses you sip vodka out of (lip-sticking hazard?) are made of ice. And fear not, scantily-dressed Miamians, upon entering the bar, the kind folks working there will provide you with items you've never seen before like gloves, faux fur coats or parkas to don as you ogle what can only be a very unusual sight for Miami.

A rep tells us the bar will open somewhere on Collins near Ocean Drive, but more on that later.
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