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Reviews for Lure Fishbar and Blackbrick Chinese

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Lure Fishbar receives three stars from food critic Evan Benn for "fresh fish and sharp service." Benn writes, "The menu at the new Lure Fishbar in Miami Beach reads like an inventory list from Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market," adding that "at a lesser restaurant this many options might foretell a subpar dining experience," but not at Lure. He notes that "pristine seafood and top-shelf service come with a price," but, per the rest of Benn's article, a visit to the New York-import is well worth it.

And here's why:

That $19 burger: Try to find a better one in Miami Beach. It's an impeccably cooked patty of Pat LaFrieda beef, schmeared with bacon-onion jam, topped with thin-sliced pickles and melted American cheese, all of it hugged in a Martin's potato roll. Every bite is crunchy, juicy, beefy bliss.
Bay scallop ceviche gets a lift from the clean flavors of a mango-cucumber salsa, which amplify the scallops' sweetness and make it worth its $16 price tag. And I'd happily pay the full $12 just for the perfectly fried, perfectly salted calamari in the Bibb lettuce salad, tossed with an orange-miso vinaigrette.
Minor issues were also mentioned like an stingy-on-the-octopus octopus salad and an overcooked steak, but Benn's overall impression remains entirely unaltered: "Lure put its bait in Miami waters, and I'm hooked." []

The title, "Blackbrick in Midtown Serves the Chinese Food You've Been Waiting For, speaks for itself in Emily Codik's review. After an overview of what chef Richard Hales' latest spot has to offer, Codik writes:

Some dishes might remind you of typical Chinese take-out. Hales' renditions, however, are probably much better. For his wonton soup, he crams shrimp and aromatics into handmade wontons. The finished dumplings bob in an auburn broth made from rabbit bones and chicken necks. He adds roast pork and house-made bucatini-style noodles -- thick, sturdy, and chewy. Finished with fried noodles, this wonton soup might just become your go-to nine-buck lunch.
Head over this way for the full review, which goes into detail on several dishes. [SO]
· Blackbrick in Midtown Serves the Chinese Food You've Been Waiting For [SO]
· 3 stars for fresh fish & sharp service at South Beach's Lure Fishbar []

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