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Mansion's New Cocktail Bar Channels The Age of Excess and The 80s

Mansion's VIP bar is getting a makeover and launching a new mixology bar called "Cocktails & Dreams."

Mansion Nightclub's VIP bar is being retrofitted with mirrors, glass and neon galore, channeling the ultimate "age of excess/greed is good" vibe of the 80s, per a rep. Think a bright neon "Cocktails & Dreams" sign, bartenders decked out in pastel jackets and skinny ties, steel barrels and sleek glass decanters. Along with its new look comes a brand new menu chockfull of libations similarly themed. Handcrafted cocktails include nostalgically named options like The Cindy Lauper, Bitter Top Gun, Weekend at Bernies and more. Writes a release:

Helmed by noted mixology and flare bartender George Cavros, who earned his stripes curating the cocktail menu at King Ink in Las Vegas, and later with The Light Group,  "Cocktails & Dreams" will be a departure from Mansion's fast-paced bar business, where here Cavros will take his time in creating specialty drinks from scratch.

With its launch on October 4, Mansion will also be debuting a new party called "Mansion Made Me Do It: The Red Light District," when its multiple levels will showcase Amsterdam's Red Light District-themed peep shows, scantily clad dancers, crowd-surfing blow-up dolls, tasseled curtains, neon paint and confetti shows, and Dita von Tease-inspired performances.