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Chef Michael Schwartz Strikes Again

James Beard Award winning chef Michael Schwartz' Harry's Pizzeria is expanding to Coconut Grove and will open sometime 2015.

Coconut Grovers, no longer must you trek all the way to the Design District for a slice of pie from the buzzy chef Michael Schwartz because Harry's Pizzeria is opening a location right by you. Sometime in 2015 the three-year old Harry's will expand its offerings to the Grove in a space being built out by Coconut Grove-based architectural design firm Arquitectonica at 2996-98 McFarlane Rd.

"It's funny, what began with a question mark - should we open a pizzeria - has grown up and become this great restaurant with an identity all its own, one that we feel has great potential for growth, " says Schwartz. "Choosing the right next location was super important, from the community, to the space itself and the partners involved. To have another opportunity to work with the Forts and the team at Arquitectonica is really exciting, and I think we're all really looking forward to collaborating and getting to know our new neighborhood!"

Stay tuned for official opening dates and more.

Harry's Pizzeria

2996 McFarlane Road, , FL 33133 (786) 655-0121 Visit Website