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South Beach's New Club is Not a Nightclub, it's a Craft Social Club

Craft cocktail bar-meets-club at South Beach's newest offering from LP Steele and RT Murphy, Craft Social Club

"We're not a nightclub, we're a cocktail-club. A place for those who want more than a vodka-soda when paying a premium for bottle service," says co-owner LP Steele about his latest project, Craft Social Club. Located at the Mercury Hotel, Craft Social Club is a joint venture between Steele, a former marketing director representing spirits giants Bacardi USA and Diageo, and RT Murphy, the former general manager of EMM Group's SL and Catch Miami. Rather than a typical club, CSC hopes to be an "escape from the EDM cluttered South Beach" and hone in on elevating the way cocktails are served in nightlife venues. Per a press release:

Utilizing the freshest local ingredients, a farm-to table inspired cocktail program is brought to life at CSC's kitchen themed bar and open-aired Batching Island. Bottle service packages come with an assortment of craft mixers and built-in service bars at each VIP table allow for cocktails to be shaken (or stirred) table-side. VIP tables also have built in draught system containing homemade flavored soda waters, ginger beer, and a variety of cocktails on tap.

For now the space is still undergoing construction, but they hope to host their grand opening party on New Year's Eve. Once they do open — in addition to normal operating hours — the team says CSC will be available for private rentals, as well as cocktail courses led by nationally acclaimed spirits experts. We'll update with more details as we get them.