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102 Year Old Tobacco Road Bids Farewell, Hopefully Just for Now

Miami's historic bar is shuttering, but a kickstarter to help relocate it begins in a few days.

News broke out last night that after nearly 102 years in the business, Miami's oldest bar is closing its doors on October 25. That officially means less than a month to spend crying into your beer, gawking incredulously into its nostalgic neon signage. But, there's still some hope for Tobacco Road. Though owners expected closing day to come later rather than sooner (at least not before their lease was up), employees are doing everything they can to save the bar. A kickstarter will launch next week to help raise enough funds to secure a new location. Tobacco Road marketing director James Goll seems optimistic, telling Local10, "We've got a lead on another space not to far from here that we plan on opening up again."

In the twitterverse, outlooks seem less sunny:

As for that kickstarter, "[t]he goal is to raise a minimum of $50,000 so Tobacco Road can be resurrected nearby," writes Short Order. This amount would cover not only re-opening the iconic space, but also preserving as much as its original facade as possible. One final comforting note from the blog: "[i]n the interim, a Tobacco Road food truck, provided by Latin Burger, will serve Tobacco Road's famous burgers in the parking lot." Stay tuned and do send tips via the tipline.

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